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On a recent trip through Europe my kids were enthralled by all of the glass Coke bottles they were served during meal time. For me it was a blast from the past, (though on occasion you can find retro glass bottled beverages), and a reminder of what we’ve lost generationally. Besides the obvious as to why plastic dominates; cost, shipping, and throw away convenience. It made me wonder why we’re not going back to glass containers. Ketchup does not taste the same in a plastic bottle vs a glass one. With concern in lowering our imported oil consumption, why are we not going back to glass containers to aid this cause? I know that manufacturers and retailers don’t want to deal with the glass returns of yesteryear, or the recycling of glass bottles back into manufacturing, or even the breakage issues. But, really wouldn’t it be better for the environment to go back to glass? Wouldn’t recycling glass bottles bring us back into the notion of taking responsibility for our recycling? You have to think about where you would store your glass bottles, and then physically return them. Not just chuck them into the recycling bin. There was something about taking them back and getting some cash for them. I remember that as a kid.

John Vlahakis

Glass Soda Pop Bottle
Glass Soda Pop Bottle


  1. I totally agree with you regarding glass containers. How can I help in getting our manufacturers to start using glass rather than plastic, especially in food and drink products. Actually it would be good if everything was packed in glass. Water bottlers are the worst abusers of all.


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