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Getting From Point A To Point B


Moving people from point A to point B efficiently can sometimes be a daunting task. Most of us are quick to jump into a car to try to get from one place to another as fast as possible.  Living in suburbia or exurbia normally requires a car to get from place to place, unless of course there is an efficient public transit in place.  Efficient public transit at least in the U.S. can be found in certain cities, like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco.  The U.S. took the path of investing in highways and byways, while the rest of the industrialized world placed their bets on public transit.  For example, do you know of any city in America that can get you from their primary airport to their city center in 15 minutes?  Try that on Chicago’s L or New York City’s MTA.  Not possible.  But, cities like London do so everyday with their Paddington Express from Heathrow to London.  By car it would take you an hour to do the same.  On top of it, it costs a fraction using the train to Heathrow than taking a cab.  That’s an efficient use of resources.  Europe and Asia continue to invest in high-speed rail service for their people.  Our transit priorities are to invest in highways that require a greater commitment on our part to fossil fuels.  If you ever go to London, take the Paddington Express; it will open your eyes to what is possible in efficient public transit.  Public transit in America needs to be reevaluated and the investment in that infrastructure needs to be upped.

Photo: Paddington Express   Credit: John Vlahakis


  1. AMEN! in the US it sounds as though Portland, OR may have an efficient and modern rapid transit system. We thoroughly enjoyed our Acela ride from Phila or NYC to Boston the past two years for EXPO East…but the US is so very far behind our European and Asian counterparts…thanks to lobbyists for oil companies and gasoline dependent car manufacturers??


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