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Geoengineering Getting Hotter


It seems that the government and scientists are getting a lot more serious about geoengineering the planet.  Geoengineering as covered in past entires, basically has us manipulating the atmosphere and oceans of the world, in an attempt to lower the Earth’s temperature.  Slow down or entirely end global warming through man made manipulation.  It is being viewed as a dire measured response to global warming.

Not for Geoengineering
Not for Geoengineering

It would mean adding sulfur to the atmosphere to block the sun’s rays, and using the ocean’s to absorb more carbon dioxide.  Scientist’s at a recent MIT symposium discussed and argued the implications and execution of geoengineering the planet.  The U.S. House of Representatives House Science Committee is holding its first hearing on the implications of geoengineering this coming week.  Geoengineering is by no means a real solution.  It is a desparate measure to save ourselves.  Scientists have noticed from past volcanic eruptions, that the amount of sulfur spewed into the atmosphere, has an impact on global temperatures.  The last major volcanic eruption, Mount Pinatubo in the Phillipines, cooled the planet by 0.9 degrees.  This occurred in 1991.  The problem with adding sulfur to the atmosphere, besides a human and animal lung issue, is that it gives us a very hazy sky.  This could have an impact on lowering solar energy production, and it would make it difficult for astronomers to view the celestial skies.  The discussions on adding sulfur focused on using aircraft to aerosol spray it at high altitudes.  The second phase impacted our oceans.  Discussions centered around ways to have the oceans absorb more carbon dioxide.  Even if the ocean’s could absorb more carbon dioxide, the scientists note that marine life is still at peril due to man made pollution entering the oceans,  and that it would not slow down the loss of coral reefs.  Despite the scientific investigations on the practical aspects of geongineering, The Institute of Physics, a nonprofit with 36,000 members, released this statement: “Climate geoengineering at scale must be considered only as a last resort…There should be no lessening of attempts to otherwise correct the harmful impacts of human economies on the Earth’s ecology and climate.”  Many of us would rather see government and industry do everything possible to prevent global geoengineering.  Man’s tinkering has never quite worked out, and something on this scale should be left alone.

John Vlahakis


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