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Today’s morning paper had a piece on the riskiest foods found in the market place. It made the front page headlines.  Seems that an organization called the Center For Science In The Public Interest published a study of the riskiest foods found in America today.  The study compiled data over a 20 year period, finding that one of the most riskiest food groups are leafy greens.

The Latest Threat To National Security!
The Latest Threat To National Security!

Items like spinach and lettuce.  Shockingly it found that over this period of time 13,568 people got sick from eating these leafy greens our mothers made us eat.  Imagine that.  13,568 people over twenty years!  That’s 678.4 people per year.  Out of an average population of 200 million over twenty years.  But, let’s put this into perspective:  Average two hundred million people, times three meals a day, times 7300 days (20 years) equals 438,000,000,000 potential opportunities of getting sick eating spinach and lettuce.  What are the odds?  Why would the news media even bother scaring people over their lettuce and spinach?  Granted, we don’t eat spinach and lettuce morning, noon, and night.  But, come on now!  These same people came out and added to the national threat in this same report.  Good gosh, eating eggs there were 11,163 people who got ill over a twenty year period.  Spoiled tuna, oysters, cheese, ice cream, sprouts, tomatoes, and berries rounded out the list of the most riskiest food groups in the world.  These food groups can be contaminated by E. Coli, Salmonella, Norovirus and other deadly potential pathogens.  They further state that the FDA is not competent to protect our food supply.  I really wonder who is behind this group.  Can they be serious?  Yes, you can get sick from eating spoiled food and contaminated ones as well.  But, the odds of you getting sick, are quite slim.  How many of you are eating raw eggs?  How many of you eat rotten cheese, on purpose?  Do you not clean your lettuces, berries, and spinach prior to eating them?  How about cooking them?  I’m amazed they got the press coverage.  It’s all over the media today, even the Huffington Post covered it.  Are we that hard up for bad news?  I find this kind of coverage irresponsible and misleading.  Hopefully, people will read the full content of these articles and come to the same conclusion.  Eating spinach is good for you.

John Vlahakis


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