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First City Powered By Wind


Springfield, Illinois has become the first city to sign a contract for full filling all of their electric energy needs from a wind farm source. Both the city and the State of Illinois governmental buildings in Springfield co-signed the agreement. Springfield is the state capitol of Illinois. Not sure many of you would call it a city, but it’s current population is 116,000. The new contract replaces the current coal fired plant that provides the capitol with its energy needs. The new contract is with Springfield’s City Water, Light, and Power company. The new wind farm that has been constructed can generate 120 megawatts of power. The city and state government have contracted for 60 megawatts. The additional power is being added back into the state’s electric grid. The coal fired plant that had been providing the energy needs for the city and state is being shut down. The only information I was not able to obtain is how much CO2 is being eliminated by this move. Now the State of Illinois has two windy cities.

John Vlahakis

Illinois Capitol Building - Tallest building in Springfield
Illinois Capitol Building - Tallest building in Springfield


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