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Electric Ford Focus Hits 100 MPG


As the old TV jingle went, “Wouldn’t you rather drive a Ford?”   Ford Motor is looking to do something a little different in the electric car arena.  Their first all electric-car is based on the top selling Ford Focus model, and it will have the best MPG for an all-electric -100mpg.   Ford’s philosophical approach to building electric vehicles is to use their current models, and just replace the gas engine with an all-electric drive train.   The electric version of its five-seater will be available early next year for just under $40,000 before a $7,500 federal tax rebate or a monthly lease of $713. Ford is making the car available first in California and the New York/New Jersey area and then will make it available in other regions.  Ford has said the car will have a range between 85 miles and 100 miles and will have an onboard 240-volt charger. That means homes equipped with a 240-volt outlet can recharge the Focus’ battery in a bit more than three hours. A one-hour charge will add 30 miles of range.  Unfortunately for Ford, and for those of us wishing to get behind an all-electric car, price is going to be an issue.  Ford’s Focus fully loaded in its gas version only costs $22,000.  That’s a big leap to $32,500 for its all-electric version.  You won’t spend $10,500 on gas during the typical ownership of a Focus, and the Focus as it is now is fairly nimble at the pump getting 40 mpg.  Demand can help lower the production cost over time, but the government may have to do more in tax credits to nudge more Americans to the all-electric band wagon.

Photo Credit: Ford Motor Company


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