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El Niño Fueled Zika Outbreak


A new study found a link between El Niño and the Zika outbreak in South America. mosquito
The researchers believe that this was likely due to a combination of El Niño, a naturally occurring phenomenon that sees above-normal temperatures in the Pacific Ocean and causes extreme weather around the world, and climate change, creating conducive conditions for the mosquito vectors.  El Niños occur every three to seven years in varying intensity, with the 2015 El Niño, nicknamed the ‘Godzilla’, one of the strongest on record. Effects can include severe drought, heavy rains and temperature rises at global scale.  Dr. Cyril Caminade, a population and epidemiology researcher who led the work, said: “It’s thought that the Zika virus probably arrived in Brazil from Southeast Asia or the Pacific islands in 2013.  “However, our model suggests that it was temperature conditions related to the 2015 El Niño that played a key role in igniting the outbreak, almost two years after the virus was believed to be introduced on the continent.”

From University of Liverpool


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