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Eating Chocolate Is Good For Your Heart


Who would have thought that eating chocolate could be good for your heart?  A recent study published in the British Medical Journal, confirms a positive link between eating chocolate and heart health.  Though I would not rush out and start gorging yourself on chocolate to obtain a healthy heart.  Commercial chocolate found in the grocery store contains a lot of sugar and calories, which could lead to weight gain and diabetes.  We’ve known from previous studies that chocolate contains anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which are good for you.  Chocolate can also reduce blood pressure and improve insulin.  All of these factors contribute to why we love chocolate so much.  The new study found that individuals with the highest level of chocolate consumption had a 37 percent decrease in cardiovascular disease and a 29 percent reduction of stroke.  This is in comparison to individuals with the lowest level of chocolate consumption.  Does the type of chocolate matter?  The study did not differentiate between dark and milk chocolate, nor did it differentiate between chocolate bars, chocolate beverages, or any kind of chocolate dessert.  Your best bet is to find chocolate that has very little, or no sugar in it if you want to start a regiment of eating chocolate for a healthy heart.  It could be a nice addition to your regiment of dieting and exercising.


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