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Eating An Apple A Day Could Ward Off A Stroke


Eating white-fleshed fruits like apples and pears could help in reducing the chance of stroke by up to 45 percent.  New research published in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association showed that the risk of stroke decreases by 9 percent for every 25 grams eaten a day of white-fleshed fruit.  The average sized apple and pear falls somewhere between 100 to 125 grams each.  The reason why according to the study is that these fruits are high in a chemical called quercetin.  Quercetin is known to reduce inflammation in the body, which could be important in warding off strokes linked with hardened arteries that are characteristic of heart disease.  The study followed 20,069 adults over a ten-year period.  Participants had to be over the age of 40.  Researchers found that people who ate more white-fleshed fruits like apples; pears, bananas, cucumbers, cauliflower and chicory had a 52 percent chance lower incidence to having a stroke.  Eating white-fleshed fruit is not an end all to staving off a stroke.  Having a healthy lifestyle would probably get you the same if not better results than this study.  Using olive oil and eating fish three times a week can also help reduce the prospect of being hit by a stroke, according to research published earlier this year.  Keep in mind there are a lot of variables in staying healthy, but now eating that apple once a day could do more for you then keeping the doctor away.


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