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Earth Overshoot Day


Earth Overshoot Day, previously known as Ecological Debt Day, is a reminder of humanity’s demand for ecological resources exceeds what the planet can replenish annually. drought1-096In 2016, it fell on August 8, which means people have already consumed an entire year’s worth of the world’s resources, and we still have four months to go until the year’s end.  For the rest of 2016, we’ll be “living on resources borrowed from future generations,” as the World Wildlife Fund pointed out when we failed last year.  This year’s Overshoot Day is happening earlier than ever before.   It’s “come around five days earlier than last year, a sign that humanity’s consumption of renewable natural resources continues to rise,” Global Footprint Network spokesman Sebastian Winkler told The Huffington Post.   Humans have gone into “ecological debt” earlier and earlier in the year since the 1970s, according to data from the California-based think tank, which hosts Earth Overshoot Day every year.  In 1971, Overshoot Day fell on December 24. Ten years later, it had moved ahead by a month to mid-November. It’s arrived in August since 2005.

From Huff Post  Photo Credit John Vlahakis


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