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Earth Day 2014


How committed are you to the environment?  Are you a closet environmentalist who hasn’t been outed?redwoodtrees14jv-107  Are you a fanatic eco-terrorist waiting for your opportunity to blow up the Keystone XL pipeline?  Are you simply someone who just takes out the recycling to the curb each week and calls it a day?  Earth Day 2014 is here my friends, and there is trouble in River City, and that trouble is spelled with a capital E.  Our Earth is in trouble, and since the writing of Silent Spring, some things have gotten better and some worse, but mainly worse.  We’re at the edge of a cliff, about to enter a time in human history that will have devastating consequences not just for us, but for very eco system found on the planet.  CO2 elevations are not abating.  The UN and every climate scientist on the planet are now saying it may be too late for us to stop global warming, and the effects that will be the end result of not curbing emissions.  Extreme weather events will continue with greater frequency, swings in drought and flood conditions will only worsen.  Human migrations within the next 50 years will take a toll on mankind’s ability to handle the demands of such movements.  Species extinction will rise, as will the oceans.  We can no longer afford to wait for someone else to come along and fix this problem.  It takes the collective action of all of us to stand up and demand that our elected officials do something meaningful.  It also takes our individual efforts to curb our CO2 emissions as well.  There are quite a few ways to do that.  Anywhere form moving closer to cities and using public transportation instead of driving. Reduce our consumption of items that produce a higher percentage of green house gases. Look to eat more organic locally sourced seasonal items. Invest in energy efficient appliances, and seek ways to cut down on your electrical use.  Plant a tree.  We need to do this together, and individually to make a difference in our planet’s well being.  Please make the effort to help out.  Happy Earth Day!

Photo Credit: John Vlahakis


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