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Discovery Channel Censors “On Thin Ice”


The Discovery Channel has decided to censor the final episode of BBC’s Frozen Planet series.  The channel has been airing the seven part series that provides an epic portrait of two disappearing wildernesses — the Arctic and the Antarctic.  Discovery will not air the last chapter of the series titled “On Thin Ice”, which looks at the man-made threat to the environment and examines how Earth’s ice caps are changing and the likely consequences for the rest of the planet.  It seems that the Discovery channel fears that an episode that promotes the theory of global warming could upset its viewers.  Seriously?  The irony in all of this is that the Discovery channel helped to underwrite this series with the BBC.  Didn’t they know this was where the series was headed?  I’m surprised that an educational cable outlet would not want to present the science to its viewership.  It would be like showing Darwin’s work up to his final conclusion of evolutionary theory, or the Scopes trial minus the verdict.  Even though Discovery will not air the final episode of this series, they are allowing it to be retailed to the public for purchase.  So I guess we can see the final episode in the comfort of our heated and air-conditioned homes out of view from the ignorant public.


  1. Very sad. Education once again afraid of the truth. Head in the sand.

    We Americans still use about 24% of the world’s fossil fuels – with only 5% of the world’s people.

    The minimum we should pay for this luxury is to learn the consequences of such prodigal living.



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