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Coolest Electric Motorcycle Ever?


Is this the coolest electric motorcycle ever?  Lit Motors a bay area company has developed an all enclosed electric motorcycle that can’t tip over.  The enclosed bike is fully enclosed.  No hanging feet touching the ground.  It’s like a miniature car, but on two wheels.  There is enough room for a second passenger, who rides behind the driver, and there is even enough cargo space for a couple of grocery bags.  The cool thing about this bike is the way it balances itself.  It does it with flywheels that deliver 1,300 pound-feet of stabilizing torque. Of course, if the discs always spun strictly on the horizontal, it would be a little tricky to actually turn the C-1 since you need to lean, so the C-1’s brain takes the input from the steering wheel and other factors into account and alters its axes accordingly.  Lit Motors plans on building these bikes in volumes of 10,000.  The cost per bike will be around $16,000, and the company is taking a $250 deposit to hold your place in line.  The deposit is fully refundable.  The first drivable prototype won’t be complete for another six months.  Lit Motors claims that the bike will have a driving range of 150 miles, and the company is referring it as a phone on wheels.  It will be fully integrated into the wide world web, and can tell you if there is traffic up ahead, or if driving conditions are getting a little nuts.  If this bike does make it into full production, it could be one of the coolest electric happenings of 2012.  Check out the video from Lit.


  1. This looks like a good choice to have people get around a city but I hope that it has a Very Good Alarm system so it is hard to steel.


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