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Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, has a new affection for street level solar trash compactors.  Philadelphia has installed 500 solar compactors around their city.  Replacing traditional garbage cans found on street corners.  The new solar compactors have a five time capacity of a traditional can.  The extra capacity allows the City of Philadelphia to reschedule pick ups from daily to once every four days.  The increased capacity reduces collection trips and cuts fuel use and green house gas emissions by 80%.  The solar compactor has a large drawer type opening, similar to a mail box, that does not allow trash to spill out, providing for a neater site.  The size of these compactors are similar to a traditional can, and take up the same space on the street.  beachPhiladelphia has stated that the Big Belly Solar Compactors have saved the city money in labor and fuel costs.  The neat appearance of these compactors have beautified the city landscape according to the Mayor’s office.  No more garbage being spilled into the streets, with the added benefits of curbing greenhouse emissions in Philadelphia.  The solar compactor works in all types of weather conditions.  According to Big Belly Solar Products their compactor is gaining acceptance through out the country.  The City of Chicago plans on rolling out the compactor into its streets this coming year.  It’s great to see such innovation on handling street trash.  The neat thing would be to see such a product turned into a household one.  Any product that takes you off the grid is worth having around.

John Vlahakis


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