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Cicadas To Rise In The Northeast


If you live in the Northeastern United States, billions of cicadas are slated to rise up from the ground in parts of New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio to mate next month, according to The Washington Post.cicadas  They have been lying in wait since they began life in 1999. This summer, at age 17, they’ll finally be crawling above ground to make the lives of human beings a living hell, just like any good teens.  Then, the winged insects will mate and die off in around a month.  This year’s cicada crop will emerge as nymphs once nighttime soil temperatures eight-inches below the surface hit 64 degrees for four days in a row, according to The Plain Dealer. The nymphs climb into trees, then shed their exoskeletons to emerge as red-eyed adults, ready to breed.  Cicadas eat tree sap and typically don’t damage plants significantly. They also don’t bite or sting. But what some folks dread is the incessant noise. Ear plugs anyone?


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