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Cars Banned on Broadway


Today is the first day that New York City has banned vehicle traffic on Broadway from 47th Street to 42nd Street. Mayor Bloomberg has sought to reconfigure the urban landscape in New York City for some time now. This by far is his most ambitious rearrangement of the flow of vehicle traffic in Manhattan. This is a bold experiment that should succeed. The shear number of visitors and locals that inhabit this triangular area is extensive. Adding the additional surface pavement should create a new interactive community of pedestrians. One of the reasons provided is that there has been an upswing of bicycle traffic in NYC and there already has been a rerouting of motorized traffic through out mid town Manhattan. London has also moved into a Sunday ban of cars, and has for awhile added tolls that run as high as $25 per day to enter the city center. Lowering traffic in city centers has not impacted these cities economically, but has enhanced their livability. These are examples that every city in the world need to examine and seek ways to reduce their own congestions and pollution.

John Vlahakis

Times Square     Daily News Photo
Times Square


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