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Caffeine Found To Strengthen Older Muscles


A new study has found that drinking caffeinated beverages could give older muscles a power boost.  The study is suggesting that elderly people who use caffeine as a stimulant could maintain their muscle strength, and possibly reduce the incidence of falls and injuries.  For adults in their prime, caffeine helps muscles to produce more force.  But as we age, our muscles naturally change and become weaker.  Sports scientists at Coventry University looked for the first time at whether these age-related changes in muscle would alter the effect of caffeine. They found that caffeine continued to enhance muscle performance in two different muscles from mice, although it was less effective in older muscles.  Jason Tallis, the study’s primary author, said: “Despite a reduced effect in the elderly, caffeine may still provide performance-enhancing benefits.”  Caffeine’s effect was smallest for juvenile muscles, suggesting caffeine may not have an enhancing effect in developing muscles.


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