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Burger King Calls Global Warming "Baloney"


The Memphis Flyer this morning reported that two area Burger King franchises announced to their customers that global warming is baloney. Interesting that a global company of their size would allow two franchises to announce this educated opinion to the public. Seeing that this is coming from Tennessee, the State that originally did not believe in evolution, I’m not sure this is the kind of publicity a company like Burger King would want. I did not realize that Burger King had entered the scientific and political debate surrounding global warming. I guess when we need an opinion on anything scientific we should contact the owners of these stores. But, then again, they may know their customers better than we do, and the consensus in Tennessee is that there is no such thing as global warming. Did Al Gore really come from this State? The real question is what new environmental declaration will follow this sage commentary. I wonder if these same people think that the Beverly Hillbillies was a documentary on one of their favorite sons from Tennessee?

John Vlahakis

Burger King Gets Political
Burger King Gets Political


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