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BP Trying To Weasel Out Of Claims


BP and other companies sued over the massive Gulf oil spill have asked a federal judge to dismiss claims filed by businesses and individuals who have been injured by the spill disaster. BP and rig owner Transocean filed their motions for dismissal this past Monday.  There are currently 300 plus lawsuits and thousands of claims from property owners, fishermen, and tourist businesses filed against BP and their Deepwater Horizon oilrig partners.  BP and its partners are trying to use the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 to have these claims dismissed against them.  Their motion states that none of the claims followed the terms of the Pollution Act in filing their grievances against these companies.  I’m sure we all can remember the endless advertisements by BP saying they will do it right, in making sure the environment and those injured by the spill will be made whole again.  BP still runs you tube videos on how they will make the Gulf region whole again.  It’s not surprising that BP is trying to weasel its way out of paying more money to fixing the mess they created.  Exxon did it with the Valdez spill, and they got off fairly easily once they fought back.  BP will take a page out of Exxon’s playbook and do the same to the residents in the Gulf.  The time to let up on BP is never until they compensate and repair the damage they wrought to the Gulf.  I for one will keep my personal boycott of their products on until they do so.


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