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BP And Feds Acts of Futility


According to press reports, BP has now spent close to one billion dollars in trying to cap the spill, and aid local clean up efforts. We are now one month past since this unfortunate disaster has occurred, and as of today, we are no closer to resolving this spill.  Our government it seems cannot do anything to end this, nor does it seem can a global corporate giant.  It seems that man’s technological prowess can drill 5 miles into the earth’s crust to get the oil, but it does not have the capability to cap a leak.  We know that this has exceeded the Exxon Valdez disaster.  Now we are on the cusp of possibly seeing an environmental disaster that could have life long implications.  This could be the first man made disaster that could change the ocean’s environment, and alter the ocean’s eco system on a permanent basis.  Any kind of relief seems to be months off in stemming this spill.  BP and our government are now saying that they need to drill a relief well to stem the flow.  That would take an additional two months of time to achieve this solution.  Hindsight is always twenty-twenty.  Obviously, the relief well should have started when the spill occurred, seeing that this type of disaster was beyond BP’s or the government’s ability to resolve it.  They should have acknowledged it from the beginning.  But, hey when you are that big, who cares?  It seems you can get away with anything.  As consumers we need to boycott BP until this is resolved, and restitution is paid.  In terms of our government, well we know how that goes.  Even guys, who promise us change, like the President did prior to being elected, cannot deliver it.  It’s the same old thing.  Fire someone who plays the scapegoat, like Minerals Management Service Director Elizabeth Birnbaumand, and then say you are doing everything you can to solve this.  But, obviously that has not been the case here.

Photo: Bird of Oil      Photo Courtesy: The Environmental Terrorist


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