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BP Alleges “Climate Of Fear”


BP has made its way back into the news courtesy of their new CEO Bob Dudley. Earlier in the week, Chairman Bob railed against the media for creating a “climate of fear” surrounding the BP oil spill.  Claiming that the media’s quest for the truth on the spill’s impact has scarred the public away from BP and the Gulf.  BP’s Chairman also indicated that the gloves will be coming off and BP will challenge these fear mongering media outlets.  According to Bob Dudley, enough is enough, and BP will seize the higher ground in their war on fear in the Gulf.  I’m not sure what planet Mr. Dudley is from, but has he taken a recent trip to the Gulf to check out what actually is going on?  Yes, fishing waters have been reopened, but the harvest that once existed is gone.  Oil slicks still reign in the wetlands, and if you dig into the sandy beaches along the Gulf shorelines you can still dredge up oil.  Fisherman and the associated industries that work the Gulf are still financially devastated.  The long-term impact of the chemical dispersants used in the Gulf has still not been determined, and the federal government’s testing of fish taken from the Gulf is not that comprehensive.  The Gulf has a long way to go to heal itself.  The people who have suffered from this disaster continue to need BP’s financial support.  The media is doing its job by keeping BP’s feet to the fire.  BP caused this disaster, and it’s their responsibility to fix it.  Instead of trying to bash the media, Bob Dudley should be looking for ways to be more transparent about the truth, and to keep this from happening again.

Photo Credit:  NY Dailey News


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