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Auto Industry Shows The Future – It’s Small


The world auto industry giants showed off their 2010 models and concept vehicles at the Detroit Auto Show this week.  The future of our driving options are coming in small hybrid sizes.  Every auto manufacturer showed off new hybrid vehicles for 2010 and beyond. The U.S. market place is becoming primed for a European style sized car market place.  Where the cars seen on road are small and super fuel efficient.  Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, VW, Think Cars, KIA,  Cadillac, and Audi showed off their latest concept and production hybrid vehicles at the show.  Everyone, with the exception of Cadillac, was offering new smaller hybrids.  Cadillac bucked the trend and showed off their first luxury hybrid V-6 four door sedan.  Similar in size to their current STS model.  Ford’s top selling Focus model is getting a whole new sleek “do”, and has increased its fuel efficiency by 20%.  Additionally Ford showed a plug in hybrid version of the Focus that will be available in 2011.

Toyota Mini Type Prius
Toyota Mini Type Prius

Toyota’s next hybrid is a down sized Prius looking vehicle geared toward the frugal eco-conscious consumer.  At a lower price point than the current Prius, this will become Toyota’s low cost hybrid.  Think car manufacturer unveiled their two seat all electric vehicle at the show.  The two seat vehicle will be manufactured in Indiana and is purported to have a top speed of 112 mph and a traveling range of 62 miles.  Audi showed off their second two seater all electric performance sports coupe, the e-tron II, it can go from 0-60 in 5.1 seconds with a driving range of 155 miles.  The auto industry finally is getting their acts together regarding hybrids and electrics.  A few hydrogen concept vehicles were shown, but right now it seems that they all are getting on the hybrid-electric band wagon.  The only thing missing in the auto industry world is a new cottage industry of suppliers, to convert current vehicles that are on the road into hybrids, electric or biofuel powered cars.  We have suppliers that can pimp our cars, why not ones that can green them?

John Vlahakis


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