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Are deserts shrinking?


It had been expected that as a result of  global warming the world’s deserts would increase in size.  Now comes a new prediction from a group of scientists that global warming is helping shrink deserts, primarily the Sahara.  New satellite images are showing that the Sahara is not growing, but new patches of green growth areas are being developed.  All due to global warming according to the scientists.  Global warming is increasing the amount of rainfall the world is getting now and is helping turn the tide of desert growth.  The growth and shrinking of deserts is a little bit more complex than getting a higher yield of rainfall.  The over use of lands for agriculture hasten the creation of new deserts.  Areas in Egypt and even in Italy have seen increases in once tillable lands turning into deserts.  Ground contamination from pesticides and fertilizers has impacted ground aquifers that are used in agriculture and has created brackish water that cannot support farming.  As this process occurs lands begin to turn into deserts.  The impact from global warming has not been fully played out yet, and there are scientific arguments from both sides of the aisle disputing their respective positions on this matter.  But, if deserts that were not used in farming can be reclaimed, then this is an unexpected positive from global warming.

John Vlahakis

Would this be reclaimed?
Would this be reclaimed?


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