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Grassahol and Biodiesel fuels are the future for US drivers. Biodiesel has been around for some time. There are numerous story lines of individuals who have converted their cars to run on biodiesel. Biodiesel is derived from animal fats. Even Tyson Foods has gotten into renewable energy through the selling of its animal fats from their meat processing plants. Companies like High Plains Bioenergy are building plants next to meat processing plants. Their first plant is by a pork processing plant in Guymon, OK. This facility can generate 30 million gallons of biodiesel a year, all from lard. The ratio runs 1:1, animal fat to gallon. They have another plant that will come on line in 2010 next to a Tyson’s food processing plant. The biodiesel output from this facility will be 75 million gallons of biodiesel. The challenge for biodiesel, besides the automobile industry providing engines that run on biodiesel, is the current cost per gallon. At today’s price per gallon it is $1 higher than petroleum based gasoline. Now would be the time to raise the tax on gasoline to bring these alternative fuels in line with gasoline and encourage the conversion to alternative fuels. Even Conoco-Phillips has refineries now that can process biodiesel, and there is a contract in place between Tyson Foods to deliver lard to their refineries. Next on tap would be biodiesel gas pumps at McDonalds. You can only imaging the amount of grease coming out of one their restaurants.

John Vlahakis

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