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America’s Range Anxiety


Does America have range anxiety?  Range anxiety is a condition associated with driving anall-electric vehicle. You know that condition, one that feels they’ll run out of juice before they can get their car plugged into an outlet.  In the old days when there was a serious lack of gas stations people were always concerned about running out of gas.  Well at least according to great granddad. 
It seems that range anxiety is taking its toll on America’s acceptance of the electric vehicle.  Surprisingly both Chevy and Nissan are reporting anemic sales on their all-electric cars.  The Chevy Volt did pre-book 10,000 orders for 2011, but have only sold 928 cars since they released it into a six state area.  Nissan also had pre-orders of 20,000 units, but to date has only sold 173 cars.  Chevy has indicated that they plan on raising production in 2012 to 25,000 Volt cars, and Nissan has plans to raise their production numbers as well.  So what gives?  Gasoline prices are climbing, and there is a consumer shift going on to hybrids and smaller cars, but right now the all-electric vehicle seems to have stalled.  Despite these anemic numbers, both Chevy and Nissan should take a heart that all of this new technology takes a little bit of time to gain acceptance.  It took Toyota 10 years to sell a million Prius’.  But, then they sold their next million in just two years.  Both Chevy and Nissan have limited distribution of these cars.  They just need to make them available in more states.  As they say, if you build it they will come.

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