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All Electric Upscale Scooting


Can’t afford a BMW 7 series car?  Well the people at BMW have come up with a product that all of us will like, and can most likely afford:  An all-electric retro looking scooter. The Mini Scooter E is an all-electric concept vehicle that made its debut at London Fashion Week, employing of course beautiful models to show it off.  The all-electric scooter can be plugged into your homes electric outlet or a fast charging station.  BMW plans on offering some pretty nifty features with the scooter. For starters, the scooter has an enclosed docking station for a smart phone. Instead of using a key, or an electric key fob, owners unlock their Mini Scooter E by securing their smart phone into the docking station on turning it on.  Once the scooter is on, the smart phone–integrated with BMW software–acts as the scooter’s GPS device, music player, and a hands-free phone via embedded Bluetooth. It’s an innovative, but not entirely unexpected next step in the evolution of vehicle communications. However, BMW takes things one-step further. BMW’s GPS software also alerts drivers to other Mini Scooter E drivers nearby and will even automatically flash the scooter’s headlights when met with another Mini Scooter on the road. There will be three versions of the Mini Scooter E, all incorporating the retro circular instruments and speedometer on BMW’s current Mini cars. But BMW takes that nostalgia one step further using actual chrome trim on the scooter body, which is, of course, reminiscent of the original Mini Coopers that came out in the 1959 and were popular throughout the 1960s.  BMW plans on releasing the scooters in 2011.


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