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I tend to spend quite a bit of time flying these days.  Not an enjoyable experience.  As a frequent flyer I do get to board the plane first, but still suffer the consequences of poor air quality, air traffic control delays, security check points, and what ever maintenance issue pops up before departing.  According to the reports, air traffic is lower, there are less planes in the air, and all of the seats are full due to capacity cut backs.  Which leads me to this question:  Why then do we still have non weather related air traffic delays?  I had one of those days yesterday.  Clear skies, great weather and over an hour of air traffic flight delays.  Not to mention the ground issues with maintenance at the gate which further delayed the flight.  Flying is not pleasant.  The fact that we’re stuffed into a circular metal tube shaped like a cigar hurtling through the skies at 560 mph breathing recirculated air makes one a bit uneasy.  Flying despite the cut backs hasn’t gotten any easier.  Even the TSA is finding new ways to add to the misery.  They have now announced random security checks at the gates.  It’s bad enough that we have to take off our shoes, belts, clothing, etc. to get through security.  In Europe you do not have to do these things.  Why here?  And why is it that TSA, airline personnel, and the military are exempt from these requirements?  Ever notice at the security gate that they do not go through what we are required to do.  I mean who is paying the bill here?  Them or us.

John Vlahakis

Empty tarmac at Newark, NJ.
Empty tarmac at Newark, NJ.


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