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A Greener Thanksgiving?

Could Have Been Our National Bird!

No, this is not going to be a soliloquy on being being a vegetarian for Thanksgiving, or giving a reprieve to what once could have been our National bird, the Turkey.

Could Have Been Our National Bird!

Greening Thanksgiving covers a wider range of life style issues that we could all use.  With a nod to Vegans and Vegetarians, not eating the Turkey is one of the green steps you could take, but for many out there Thanksgiving without the bird just doesn’t cut it.  So if you are going to do the bird, obviously look for free range, organically fed birds.  Not easy to find, but they do exist.  Going local bird buying is even better.  Helps a little to cutting down your carbon footprint on that day.  Thanksgiving is a big Holiday for the NFL.  So if you’re going to watch the game, just make sure it’s on one set in the house, and not on all of them.  Better yet, turn it off and go have your own Turkey Bowl game outside.  There are a lot of parades on this day, besides the Macy’s parade in New York.  Having a family get together at an outside event not only brings everyone together, it connects you to your own communities.  Travel is a big deal on this day.  Just getting to and from Thanksgiving events can add to your carbon foot print.  Look to centralizing your gatherings to cut down on traveling.  Decorating the house can be a pretty big deal for some.  Look for items that you can recycle within the home.  Cut dried flowers, bird nests, or flowers that you can obtain from an organically minded florist.  Don’t use plastic wrap, but do use aluminum foil to save your left overs.  Plastic wrap comes from pvc plastic, not something that biodegrades.  Obviously on the eating end go organic, and look for organically grown wines too.  There are some great vintages out there like Bonterra Wineries out of California, a fairly good value for your buck.  Enjoy the holiday, and try not to eat too much.


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