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A Fun Playhouse Made From Plants


Out of the Netherlands comes a great building concept in using natural materials like hemp, coconut husks, potato peels, and tree bark in creating a very interesting habitat – a kid’s playhouse.  Adults need not apply, this is strictly one for the kiddies, the Dutch consortium BE-Basic created the Bio based Kids House made from agricultural waste, tree bark, and potato peels.  The Kids House wall panels are made from compressed straw.  The roof is waterproofed with vegetable oils.  The electric sockets are where the potato peel bio plastic comes in.  These types of construction materials also mean the Kids House is recyclable for when the little ones outgrow playing in it.  The Kids House was created for the Floriade World Horticultural Expo in the Netherlands. It’s more of a concept piece than a structure ready for mass production, but it’s an interesting peek at the possibilities for bio plastics and recycled building materials.  You wonder if it’s the kind of playhouse that someday may be offered for sale at Kids R Us.  It’s a fabulous concept that hopefully will gain some traction.  It’s a great way to teach kids the value of reusing and recycling in today’s world.

Photo Credit: BE-Basic


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